Styling The Red Dress Look

Hi Lovely Ladies


This week went by pretty quick and it’s already Thursday… and this makes me feel pretty good as we have only 1 more day to go until weekend…

On a hot summer day, sunny and sweaty, social engagements unavoidable, how will you  make your outfit last from morning to evening looking prim and proper?

When a rainy day comes to wash off the dust and kills your plans to look pretty and hot, what could you possibly wear to look perfect for a rainy coffee date with that special someone?

And when on a romantic date night you begin to question your style goddess and the hot pumps that you just bought, what dress will you wear to leave the first impression and enter into the world all confident?

The Perfect Red Dress is what you will wear!!!



Here we are today with a post on The Perfect Red Dress. A Perfect Red Dress is a special garment that champions in versatility, making it the optimal piece for both: a very casual engagement and a fancier event.


We have tried to create 2 looks today, a day look and a fancy evening look.  We always prefer to buy solid red dress and style it by adding either some accessories or some flare… Luckily, we both found the perfect red solid dress with a bit of flare!


How could I say no to ruffles, This ruffle hem dress immediately stole my heart ❤  Not only is the color beautiful on this dress, the ruffle hem makes this dress unique and sexy as much as it is feminine.  This is a perfect red dress for a day look, wear it for breakfast, lunch or coffee. This can be a perfect piece for your vacation look too as it is stitched out of comfortable cotton fabric, with a flair at the hem giving it a neat look… pair it with a jacket/shrug, or wear a hat, or accessories it with a necklace…


I paired this dress with my red pumps, crystal swan long chain necklace and a beige Guess bag, the best part about this classy bag is that it goes with all my dresses and completes the look…. This outfit is a perfect for a sunny morning.


We created our second look for a fancy evening like a date night, cocktail or a party at club, the dress we picked up for this look is pure femininity to me. It has a very liberating shape with an open back while maintaining a flowy structure. The cherry on top is that it is a classic dress, which can be worn by women of any size and shape…

I personally love old glamour and this dress screams that. This is an easy, effortless but super sexy piece to wear for a fancy evening and leaving an everlasting first impression. I chose to accessorize this dress with a thin brown belt and a statement necklace…


Before we signoff today, here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying a Red dress:

  • You must buy a solid Red color: There are lots of reds available in the market like cherry red, strawberry red, dark red, pinkish red, bright red and so on. A solid red dress allows for a fluent accessory shift and gives you a scope to style and develop your own fashion statement.


  • Look for a perfect fit: This means that you need to buy the dress with the perfect length, shape, and size. The fit should not be too loose or tight, neither the length should be too less or too long.. Select the dress as per your shape of the body. As it is rightly said “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”


And we signoff by saying that the red dress  is a true and a must wardrobe staple. From summer to winter, spring to fall, Red dress continues to make us feel sexy and confident.  Pair it with sandals or stilletos, beach bags or gold clutches, red adds the perfect magic to any outfit, and for this, we are forever in love with our perfect red dress ❤

BeFunky Collage

Do let us know wat you feel about the red dress and how you style your red dress and nail the look..

Signing off for another red look


Praghti and Mallika

Create the Look

Praghti’s Look : Dress- Shopper stop, Heels- flat and heels www.jabong.com, Necklace- www.myntra.com, Lipstick- No points for guessing M.A.C ruby woo

Mallika’s Look: Dress – Aeropostale, Heels- Bruno Manetti www.myntra.com, Belt- NEXT essential leather belt www.jabong.com, Necklace: Delhi Haat, Earrings- Gift from my Aunt from Australia.


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