Birthday Look – An Outfit For A Special Day

Hey everyone, how are you all? Hope you’ve had a great start to August with so many long weekends ahead. As you may be aware it was my birthday on 14th  I thought it would be a good idea to do a post about birthday look.


My birthday look is a new challenge, every single year. As it is one of the most special days of the years for me, I do want my outfit to be that special as well. An outfit can make you feel confident or not during the whole day.


I turned 21 on 14th August! And this beautiful dress is what I wore! When I spotted this dress, I knew it would make a great birthday dress because it’s equally festive, I mean, just look at those ruffles and easy to wear again. Plus, it was perfect for my Birthday dinner. Of course, your birthday look depends on what you have planned to celebrate your birthday. In my case, we went for a warm evening family dinner, Since I was down with fever and waiting for my blood test reports, I decided to go simple with the make-up and just applied a bright lipstick to add the color to my look.


I wanted to wear something chic, special, but still classy. And this classy white frill off shoulder gown pepped me up enough to dress up and wear my invisible crown even when I was unwell. Since the dress was a beauty in white with a beautiful neck work in pearls and sequence, I decided to go simple with accessories and just added simple pearls.


Because this birthday girl loves to set goals, I’m celebrating with a look back on my 20 achievements I set for my 20th year.

Overall, I’m proud of what I did accomplish. Here’s to hoping 21 is even better, more fruitful, and more fun!

Hope you enjoyed this post, something a little different from the usual anyway 🙂 Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes too, it means a lot! ❤



BeFunky Collage

P.S.  Your birthday is, the one day of the year where you can demand that all the attention to be on you, and you alone!  Because no matter what magic number you are turning, everyone wants to look and feel their best! Whether it’s an 18th you’re attending, or a ‘Fabulous at 50’ celebration, there is a dress out there for everyone. So, find yourself an outfit that screams “I LOOK AND FEEL FABULOUS!”  and share with us What are the most important features of a perfect birthday dress for you?


Till then keep reading and following fashion




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Dress – European Catalogue – Ahmedabad

Necklace – Accessorize

Lipstick- Maybelline Color Sensational, Pleasure Me Red

World Lipstick Day

Hi Pretties…

Today is “World Lipstick day”, and everyone knows- lipstick is my staple for make up and a good lipstick like ruby woo or NYX Monte Carlo can make my day. I have always noticed women wearing lipstick come across as strong, successful, happy and confident…


I wear lipstick on good days, and on bad ones. Lipstick gives me the confidence that I need to conquer anything. I wear it on days when I am at home, or I know that I need to accomplish a particularly tough task.

images (4)

I know a lot of you may think its just lipstick but trust me with lipstick on, anything seems possible and that’s why I feel today is the perfect day to write 11 Reasons Why Lipstick Can Turn Your Whole Day Around:


  1. You know you’re going to look amazing when you have on your signature lip color, which means you’ll feel great all day long.
  2. Variety: Have you ever looked at a lipstick range and felt bewildered at the sheer number of colors? Talking of sheer, you can buy glossy colors, moisturizing lipsticks, matte lipsticks … the possibilities are endless..
  3. Compliments: People compliment women who wear lipstick. They just do. And who doesn’t like compliments..
  4. Confidence: Your confidence will be through the roof when you’re wearing a lip color that makes you feel special and beautiful..
  5. Effective: Lipstick is really effective in how it makes you feel and look. If you have a date or an interview, a subtle application of colour can really make a difference to your image…Be careful not to overdo it, the aim is to polish your look, not look like a clown..
  6. Cheerful: One of the best reasons to wear lipstick is that it´s so cheerful. Just a simple application changes your look completely. It not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good. So if you need cheering up, grab that lipstick tube and brighten up your face. You´ll feel so much better.
  7. There is a color for every mood and every occasion.. If you’re a lipstick hoarder, you’ve got a certain color that goes for every occasion. Bright orange during the day works just as well as deep red at night. Switching up the color can completely change your frame of mind.
  8. For ladies who don’t wear lipstick on a regular basis, putting on a flattering shade of red one day will make you feel like a celebrity, because everyone around you will ask why you look so particularly great.
  9. Even if you have on no other makeup, you’ll look put together, and in turn feel put together. Lipstick can make the most amazing difference to your face and look. The effect can be quite dramatic.
  10. Boosts Your Mood: Wearing lipstick is an amazing mood enhancer. If I´m feeling a little glum, I apply one of my favorite red shades (a stronger one for evening, and a softer shade for daytime). My lovely red lippy never fails to cheer me up! Even if I´m not going anywhere, the mere fact of wearing it makes me feel good.
  11. Stunning: wearing lipstick can make any woman look stunning. once you find the perfect shade, you´ll love it forever for the way it brightens your face and makes you look amazing…



And today is the perfect day to buy a new shade and add to your collection.. I bought “Sugar Matte as hell crayon lipstick – Cherry Darling.. and I am loving it..


Do share your favorite lipstick shade with us and keep reading..

Good night

Loads of Love

Praghti Malhotra

Glitter And Gingham With Lace Hot Pants

Hey Ladies!

How’s Monsoon treating you? To be honest I am bored of staying indoors and thought why not write a new post about styling your hot pants for a party Night, well let’s keep our fingers crossed and party look ready for the rains to stop.


Today I have picked up these stylish black lace hot pants, they fit me perfectly and look so flattering. I paired these with a blue sequins spaghetti Blouse.


I love wearing shorts. Absolutely love it. Any weather, any situation- I’ll be wearing shorts. They are just so versatile and comfortable. But you know what I love doing more? Getting ridiculously overdressed for things. So I wore this shiny, glittery blouse to add a perfect glam to my look, but you can wear these shorts not just for parties and clubs but anywhere and anytime.. just pair it up with a chambray shirt, or a colored tank top, or simply add a cape or a denim jacket and pair it up with sneakers for a casual look, stilettoes or pumps for party look..


To complete the look I wore these beautiful blue crystal earrings and a multi colored necklace.. and since it was a clubbing night I decided to wear my favorite black heels (I know you see me wearing these a lot, but these are so comfortable it feels like a cushion inside)..


I know we all love hot pants but they can either make you look hot or over exposed.. but no matter what your body type may be, the idea of wearing these should not be so intimidating, especially if you know which style fits you best and here I am with a few tip to wear this beautiful piece of cloth..


  1. Lengthen legs with a super high heel for a night out. If you aren’t six feet tall, wearing hot pants with a pair of killer stilettos will accentuate your frame and leave your limbs looking long and making you look SEXY
  2. Cover up your top half with a sharp blazer for a formal look as a chic blazer over a loose blouse will streamline the entire look and give you a sexy classy look perfect for a dinner date, or add a denim jacket for a casual outing with friends..
  3. Wear these on a beach with a sheer kaftan cover up… it’s a perfect vacay look and add tie up flats to the look.
  4. Finally the most important “Fit is key” Make sure you find the right hot pants for your shape. There is no hard and fast rule to follow while selecting your perfect pair of hot pants just go with the one having a perfect fit and a perfect look and don’t ignore the comfort.


So, get yourself some lace shorts and share your looks with us.. and meanwhile Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!


Thanks for being so supportive all the time and I am excited about every comment from you guys!



Thanks for reading!


Mallika Malhotra

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Blouse : Forever 21

Hot Pants:

Neck piece- bought from Janpath,

Earrings: bought from ,

Lipstick- Sugar smudge me not liquid lipstick, brink of pink

Style A Nude Dress


Hi sweeties,

How are you girls enjoying the rain? I did a lot of online shopping as it was raining outside and raining sales online too…


Last weekend, I came across these 2 beautiful dresses and thought these were such classic and timeless items, and the color is one of the hits of this season – nude. I bought nude shades, especially because they create a nice color contrast with strong neon colors such as red, green and orange. Today’s post is all about how to style a nude dress. I have tried to style 2 dresses here and have tried to keep them subtle but you can certainly pair your nude dresses or tops with a bright red, neon orange, hot pink or any bright shade. wear a bright choker or a bright jacket or bright heels or simply carry a bright bag, if you want to keep it simple pair it with off-white or black..


In my first look I am wearing a nude and off white Ikkat print dress. The fabric is pure cotton and the softest thing ever, it is comfortable and easy to walk in, a perfect dress for summers. I dressed it up with off white heels, off white beads clutch, white jhumkis and a copper color Neck piece. This dress is perfect if you are hosting a tea party or dinner at your place.


It makes you look classy but not too dressy, just apt for the occasion. I wore it for a dinner organized at our place.


The second look is of a gown in nude. This beautiful off shoulder gown has peach border hem and off white ruffles around the neck.  It’s easily my favorite outfit at the moment. This dress fits so beautifully. I love the way it falls, also the frill neck and color blocking just made me drool over it.


I teamed this lovely gown with beige heels and peach necklace and multi colored earrings.  This is a perfect dress for a formal event


Why Nude is the in-color?

An all nude-brown-beige look, is the definition of understated elegance, Beige shades look clean, fresh, refined and quite luxurious. The mix of all nude colors holds a certain femininity to it and a classy minimalism with tones of glamour or bohemian vibes, while being kind of understated.


If draping yourself in this color is not your cup of tea, perhaps just a dash of beige might be your thing. After all, a little does sometimes go a long way. Nude beige tones tend to look amazing against denim and whites.


Here is a word of caution: Nude tends to look washed out. To avoid looking washed out try blending pops of color in your outfit, even as small as bold nails or lips.


Do share with us your nude purchase.. and don’t forget to follow us on facebook, Instagram, and pinterest.. and if you feel like writing to us, our email id is





Create the Look

First Look: Dress- AKS bought from, Neck piece- bought from Janpath, Heels: bought from, Earrings: bought from sector 17 Chandigarh, Clutch: bought from Delhi Haat, Lipstick- Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color – Fuchsia Sude

Second look: Dress-  AKS bought from, Neck piece- bought from Delhi Haat, Heels: bought shopper stop, Earrings: bought from , Lipstick- Maybelline New York Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet–

Sheer Kurta …. Fusion Look

 Hi Girls


We want to start today’s post with a warm thankyou note, as we have been receiving a lot of positive reviews about our blog, which makes us happy and motivated that Shopaholic Adventures is getting so much of love from you all… We just Can’t thank all you pretties enough for your love and support.


2017 is welcoming all the beautiful trends which I love… Florals, embroideries, stripes, bows, denims, sheer fabrics, out of these stripes and sheer are obviously my favorite and I’m much obsessed about it. Today I am posting a new look which is another experimental one…. An Indian street wear kind of look which is wearable on an everyday basis if carried with ease and style, while styling this attire I had only one thing in mind – “Fusion Wear”. I gave my western ensemble a desi twist with an ultra-modern kurti.  I’m wearing a semi sheer Polka dots kurti over a crop top paired up with my comfy jeans. This semi sheer kurti is my absolute favorite and so inn.  To complete the fusion look I paired black bellies with this attire and wore no accessories. keeping it simple is the goal!!


To add to the look, the weather right now is ideal for experimentation. Also, off white is a color that blends effortlessly in your outfits and makes your look very pleasant. Fusion wear trend is here to stay and these pictures will show you how to slay the trend. You can also pair this kurta with palazzos, long skirts, dhoti pants or pencil fit pants.


That’s all for the post today, hope you girls liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my Instagram  or Facebook page. I love hearing from you girls!


Lots of love and outfits,

Mallika Malhotra



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Kurti: Bought from Lajpat NagarMarket

Jeans: Forever 21

heels: Dressberry-

Lipstick: Maybelline Sensational Velvet Matte Lipstick – Hot Wine MAT 6, bought from


Styling White Pants

Wearing white in the hot season is anything but radical, yet remains a staple look. A trend that will always be in, and summer associated, although it’s a look that has spread its classiness in autumn and winter as well.


It got me thinking if, and why, it is so… Cause regardless of personal like and dislike we must accept, it is brighter, (Yes, it is white, but it somehow pops more than any color) it is classic but not too been-there-done-that, it is a no-brainer but not that easy to pull off. White is one of my favorite looks for summers, but white has been around since forever, so is it possible for us to reinvent the way we wear it? How do we do it? Is white so versatile that it can go from morning to evening, from Mondays to Sundays? And here I am with today’s look and style tips…


You know the beauty of white pants is that they wash well and if need be you can bleach them! for those that say that you’re scared that they’ll get dirty when you sit down, I’ve never had that problem.  Another plus of wearing a white pant is that any blouse will go with it and when it’s blazing hot outside, the last thing you want to be feeling is constrained by your clothes. So, to stay cool, I have been taking advantage of hot weather trends like flowy off shoulder top and dresses which allow you to show a little skin without looking too risqué. I would call it the perfect combination of sweet and sexy.


I paired up my white pants with this pretty off shoulder crimson blouse, and accessorized my look with white multi layered beads necklace and my cherry red bag, I decided to ditch the Kajal and keep bright lips, for this look I have used Maybelline Sensational Velvet Matte Lipstick – Hot Wine which I bought from Nykaa on sale and the good news is its still on sale till 30th June, you can buy it here. 


You can either wear white or black shoes with white pants, I chose to wear my black ones as these are classic black heels and very comfortable.

Tips to wear white:

  • If you have always been reluctant to wear white, give it a try! Don’t be afraid that white makes you look bigger, but instead focus on finding the perfect fit for your body type.
  • Play with different tops and shapes or try wearing tunics or short dress over your trousers.
  • White is such a great versatile color you can wear it with all the colors in your wardrobe. Give it a try and mix with clothes from your wardrobe.
  • If you are wearing white pants first time, sticking to a neutral palette is the safest and most popular option.
  • Pair your white pants with pumps and a bright patterned blouse, to create an outfit that could take you from work to evening drinks.
  • Add a bright lipstick and no Kajal look with your white pant look, it gives a no make-up yet dolled up look.

Do you wear white? Or are you scared? Trust me I was super hesitant to wear it at first, but you have just got to do it and you won’t regret it, I promise! Do share with us your experiments with white..


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Create the Look


Jeans: Forever 21

heels: Dressberry-

Necklace: bought from Janpath

Lipstick: Maybelline Sensational Velvet Matte Lipstick – Hot Wine MAT 6, bought from

Bag: Ginger by Lifestyle










The Cape Top

Happy Monday loves!


I have been really busy for the last whole week, how crazy is it that we’re almost over with June and half way through the year? My internship in Delhi just got over and I am back to Ahmedabad, “Home sweet Home”. I can’t believe how fast time has flown by.


Today I’m wearing something That can be styled in many ways, you can style it with shorts, jeans, trousers, short skirts or gypsy skirts or just pair it with tights…. I am going to style a cape top. I had these all summer long but I never had the confidence to wear them and style them. Only after I bought it I experimented different looks with it… and realized this is a magical piece of garment which can be paired with anything and everything, both blissful and romantic, this top is made from the prettiest and most colorful chiffon fabric giving it a perfect fall and flair, and trimmed with a delicate ruffle border.


I have created 2 looks with this cape top for you, for the casual chic look, I paired the top with the mid waist denim shorts, tribal necklace and Metallic Canvas shoes, I feel that the top adds a bit of punch to an otherwise casual outfit. So far, I’ve been wearing these shorts with a t shirt or a tank top for hanging out with friends at a park or at the beach, but with this top you could also wear these shorts for Sunday brunch, movies or an outing with friends.


There is a lot of different ways you can style this top, for my second look I decided to wear it as an evening top, and then dress it up with some skinny jeans, heels and a statement necklace. This look is perfect for evening with friends to a café or a sheesha, it adds glamor to your comfort.


Do let us know what you think of this beautiful Cape top and would you add this to your wardrobe?

Hope you like the post!! Happy Week, and keep reading..



Mallika Malhotra


Create the Look

Cape top: bought from Janpath

Look 1: Shorts: Zara, Shoes: Zara , Necklace: Bought from Pahadganj market

Look 2: Jeans : Lee, Shoes:, Necklace: Accesorize



Fab Bag June 2017 Review | The Boho Chic



Received my June Fab bag on the 10th of June, 2017. I’m glad and thankful to Fab bag for introducing me to several new brands in the market which are as good as or even better than the brands which are currently available in the market. I’m among those customers who is reluctant to try new brands available when I’m comfortable using a brand for a long time. It’s fab bag who introduced me to new products which I reordered many times. Most of them are reasonably priced than those overly priced over hyped brands available.


Fab Bag June 2017 has a theme of ‘The Boho Chic’. The June fab bag is a rustic khaki brown color with the sack texture. The bag suits The Boho Chic theme well and I am so excited to unbox it..


Let see what I received in June Fab Bag

  • Bio bloom Foot Cream Eucalyptus (INR 335/- for 50 gm)
  • Johara Crème Rich Lip Color- Saucy Red (INR 395)
  • APS Cosmetofood Activated Organic Spring Water (INR 270/- for 50 ml)
  • Sugar Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kajal-01 Black Velvet (INR 399)


Bio bloom Foot Cream Eucalyptus


Bio bloom Foot Cream: That’s a new brand to me. The foot cream is enriched with eucalyptus oil, shea butter, clove leaf oil, tree tea oil etc. It’s free from parabens, sulfates, and petrochemicals. This foot cream promises to heal chapped skin on the heels and leaves the feet looking fresh and rejuvenated. I think it’s a good product to pamper your feet this rainy season.

Price: INR 335 for 50 gm (full sized product).

Johara Crème Rich Lip Color- Cocoa delight


As always, I got an email from the Fab Bag brand to choose a product of my choice! This time they gave the options to choose from the 5 shades of Johara Creme Rich Lip Color worth Rs. 395! Being a fan of bright lip colors, I chose “Saucy Red” which is a gorgeous warm red color! This lipstick glides so well on the lips giving it a rich creamy texture and great color finish. It contains Rare Ricin oil and Vitamin E which hydrate & nourish the lips.  I am always super excited to try out a new lipstick and I feel that ithis lip colour will suit all Indian skin tones!  Plus point is that it is also Parabens, Lanoline & Mineral Oil-ingredients free.


APS Cosmetofood Activated Organic Spring Water


This will be my first try with Organic Spring Water. This activated organic spring water promises instant glow in 50 seconds. What the company states is that it’s a not a toner or a face wash or a cleansing milk, but a makeup remover which also cleanses face, removing all skin impurities giving unclogged pores and joyous feeling to the skin. It is a multipurpose product that can be used as a makeup remover, a face cleanser but no rinsing is required afterwards. This product is great for travel or for situations where no running water is easily available. This is a very unique product and I am glad that I got a chance to test it and share with you my review on this product.

Price: INR 270 for 50 ml (full product)

Sugar Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kajal-01 Black Velvet


Now Sugar cosmetics need no introduction. I was thinking of ordering this kajal from Nykaa and look I got it in my Fab bag, It’s like they could read my thoughts. The velvet black kajal is superbly pigmented and glides so smoothly while applying, this can be used as both eyeliner and kajal. This kajal is long lasting, fade proof as well as smudge proof and comes in user friendly retractable packaging. The bag contains a full-size product that is retailed at INR 399.


Final verdict on Fab Bag June 2017 | The Boho Chic

June 2017 Fab Bag- the Boho Chic has 4 full sized skincare and makeup products. I especially loved the lipstick and black kajal. Other two are unique and a new brand that I will try and share my review with you.. 🙂


Have you ordered your June 2017 Fab bag yet.. order it soon and participate in the fab bag contest.


Stay pretty and pampered!




Styling a Bold Red Blouse

“When in DoubtWear Red”

Hope you girls had a great weekend!!! I just couldn’t agree more with this quote… when you do not know what to wear for some occasions, just wear Red and you wouldn’t go wrong with that colour.


We are ready with the last post of the week-Red, the ultimate classy shade for a lady. I admit, when wearing Red I feel confident, feminine, and classy. Every woman needs at least one piece of red blouses in her closet, I saw this blouse online and it was a bit of an impulse purchase. I am totally in love with this piece of perfection When wearing a red blouse, black is the typical go-to color paired with it.


So far, I have created three different looks with this blouse. Below, I’ll show you three different ways to style your red blouse.

 Look 1:  Wear To Work


Because the shirt is a bright red, I paired it with a black formal trouser perfect to fit in with my office’s professional atmosphere. To keep it professional I did not add any jewellery to the outfit. Just sober it down with light make-up and no accessories, I carried a cherry brown bag with this look.


Look 2:  Playful Weekend


On the weekend, have fun with  Red! If you are like me who loves flared skirts, then give yourself a chance to play with the flared and classy look…. Above, I have paired my red blouse with a black stone necklace and black flared skirt and black heels. It is a perfect outfit to go out with your girls.

Look 3:  Party Night 


Red and black is a classic color combination with which you cannot go wrong. Keeping the look simple will keep you looking chic. And pairing the outfit with sexy glitter heels will make you feel like a million bucks! I created this look by pairing my red blouse with black pencil skirt and my glitter black peep toes.


P.S. Here we have tips for you select your red blouse and paint the town Red

  • Deep Red: A shade perfect for you if you are dusky/ wheatish with dark brown hair
  • Soft Red:  A perfect shade for beauties with Pale skin colour, dark eyes and dark hair in the shades of black and browns
  • Light Red:  This is perfect for you if your hair is beautiful shades of light brown.
  • Warm Red: This shade of red is perfect for beauties with reddish hair, and dusky complexion.
  • If you opt to wear red for daytime, wear a dress or blouse that has red patterns. If you want to steal the show with red at night, go for a classic monotone red.
  • Reds do not need to be accessorized much, So, keep them simple, modish and elegant.

P.S if you are not confident to carry a bright red blouse or a dress, just  go for shades of wine and maroon, Also they make you look thin and are perfect for a classy eveningJ


Your thoughts?

Are you looking forward to styling your red blouse? What did you think about the outfits? What item would you like to see me style next? I’m excited to hear your thoughts and opinions!



Create The look


Look 1: Trousers- Shopper stop, Heels- Dressberry – , Bag – Ginger by Lifestyle, Lipstick – NYX Amsterdam.

Look 2: Skirt- Zara, Heels- Dressberry-, Necklace – paharganj market, Lipstick – M.A.C Ruby woo, Ring – Paharganj Market

Look 3: Skirt-, Heels- Cat walk, Lipstick – NYX Monte Carlo.

Styling The Red Dress Look

Hi Lovely Ladies


This week went by pretty quick and it’s already Thursday… and this makes me feel pretty good as we have only 1 more day to go until weekend…

On a hot summer day, sunny and sweaty, social engagements unavoidable, how will you  make your outfit last from morning to evening looking prim and proper?

When a rainy day comes to wash off the dust and kills your plans to look pretty and hot, what could you possibly wear to look perfect for a rainy coffee date with that special someone?

And when on a romantic date night you begin to question your style goddess and the hot pumps that you just bought, what dress will you wear to leave the first impression and enter into the world all confident?

The Perfect Red Dress is what you will wear!!!



Here we are today with a post on The Perfect Red Dress. A Perfect Red Dress is a special garment that champions in versatility, making it the optimal piece for both: a very casual engagement and a fancier event.


We have tried to create 2 looks today, a day look and a fancy evening look.  We always prefer to buy solid red dress and style it by adding either some accessories or some flare… Luckily, we both found the perfect red solid dress with a bit of flare!


How could I say no to ruffles, This ruffle hem dress immediately stole my heart ❤  Not only is the color beautiful on this dress, the ruffle hem makes this dress unique and sexy as much as it is feminine.  This is a perfect red dress for a day look, wear it for breakfast, lunch or coffee. This can be a perfect piece for your vacation look too as it is stitched out of comfortable cotton fabric, with a flair at the hem giving it a neat look… pair it with a jacket/shrug, or wear a hat, or accessories it with a necklace…


I paired this dress with my red pumps, crystal swan long chain necklace and a beige Guess bag, the best part about this classy bag is that it goes with all my dresses and completes the look…. This outfit is a perfect for a sunny morning.


We created our second look for a fancy evening like a date night, cocktail or a party at club, the dress we picked up for this look is pure femininity to me. It has a very liberating shape with an open back while maintaining a flowy structure. The cherry on top is that it is a classic dress, which can be worn by women of any size and shape…

I personally love old glamour and this dress screams that. This is an easy, effortless but super sexy piece to wear for a fancy evening and leaving an everlasting first impression. I chose to accessorize this dress with a thin brown belt and a statement necklace…


Before we signoff today, here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying a Red dress:

  • You must buy a solid Red color: There are lots of reds available in the market like cherry red, strawberry red, dark red, pinkish red, bright red and so on. A solid red dress allows for a fluent accessory shift and gives you a scope to style and develop your own fashion statement.


  • Look for a perfect fit: This means that you need to buy the dress with the perfect length, shape, and size. The fit should not be too loose or tight, neither the length should be too less or too long.. Select the dress as per your shape of the body. As it is rightly said “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”


And we signoff by saying that the red dress  is a true and a must wardrobe staple. From summer to winter, spring to fall, Red dress continues to make us feel sexy and confident.  Pair it with sandals or stilletos, beach bags or gold clutches, red adds the perfect magic to any outfit, and for this, we are forever in love with our perfect red dress ❤

BeFunky Collage

Do let us know wat you feel about the red dress and how you style your red dress and nail the look..

Signing off for another red look


Praghti and Mallika

Create the Look

Praghti’s Look : Dress- Shopper stop, Heels- flat and heels, Necklace-, Lipstick- No points for guessing M.A.C ruby woo

Mallika’s Look: Dress – Aeropostale, Heels- Bruno Manetti, Belt- NEXT essential leather belt, Necklace: Delhi Haat, Earrings- Gift from my Aunt from Australia.