5 Summer Trends To Follow In 2018

Hello Ladies!!

With a new season, comes the urge to spice up your wardrobe. 2018 is going to be a very exciting year for fashion. The fashion forecast for 2018 summer is already out with a wide variety of new trends to conquer this year. Some are a bit of fashion rewind, while others will redefine the trend.


2018 is all about new looks and styles. Experiment with colours and transform your wardrobe into something unique and classy. We have some latest summer 2018 clothing trends for you to check out and revamp your wardrobes.

SEASIDE STRIPES: Dock your standard nautical stripes because there’s a new set of land-based lines boarding. Bright and cheery seaside stripes are here to shake up your summer. This trend reminds us of all of the happiness that comes with warm weather vacationing, and couldn’t we use a bit more of that on the regular?


But how exactly are you supposed to style up prints traditionally reserved for beach umbrellas and lounge chairs? Carefully of course. Like any new trend, take it slow, A simple, striped, linen button-down in peach will do the trick. Pair it with white shorts or skirt and your friends will almost smell the ocean breeze when you walk in the room or may be go for a sea side stripes dress like I did. share with us your seaside stripes experiment.


BRIGHT PINK: Bright pink jumpsuit worn by Mica Argañaraz marked the beginning of the fashion month for many of us all over the world.

BeautyPlus_20180331140438_save_wmWho had thought bright pink will become the most sought after trend of this summer, so if you don’t have anything in bright pink we say go hit the mall and add pink to your wardrobe because bright pink is going to be the colour of the season.


PASTELS: Pastel is a popular go-to in 2018 summer collection. Shades of pastels are expected to be seen in every women’s wardrobe. You will see an explosion of lighter hues ranging from ice-blue to blush and lavender.


Some of the beautiful pastels that you can add to your wardrobe this summer are charming lilac, tamed fuchsia, beautiful coral, strawberry, chestnut, lime green, topaz, and pistachio which will be seen in high punch in women clothing and wearing them would be one of the best things one will do in 2018.  These hues are beautiful, lively and enthralling. Also, they will perfectly match with the pleasant vibe of spring season and hotness of summer. What will be your take this time???

CHECKS: You think of checks as being strictly winter-only, but they’re making a convincing case for being spring’s “It” print.

BeautyPlus_20180408111518_save_wmchecks are representing their own kind of style, which can be worn to office, evening night outs or a brunch with your girls. Thing to remember while buying a check dress is that you have to be careful with the colour and the size of checks, we suggest start with small checks and later move to big checks.


FLORALS: In keeping with the spring season, flowers are back, with colourful blooms. Florals aren’t something very new to us. It seems like they have been hot for several seasons already and we have incorporated floral blooms to everything we wear. The floral madness is once again here to stay.


This year small flower prints will be dominating over the big flower prints and I am sure we all have flower prints in our wardrobes, so its time we take out our flower tops/ dresses/ kurtis / sarees, wear our invisible tiaras and paint the town not just red but as many colours as we can because 2018 will be a mix of pastel shades, vibrant florals and fancy embellishments.


Whether your style is bold, modern, preppy or minimalist, you can easily incorporate these amazing spring/summer trends into your wardrobe. It’s up to you – either to choose a full head to toe fashion transformation or simply add accent pieces to highlight your original style. The most important thing is to have some fun with fashion and look. So, introduce a little color and mix it up – after all, it’s summer!!

Which of these trends are you going to adopt and which ones are you going to leave behind next spring?

Lots of love

Praghti ❤


Create the look

Look 1: Dress- AKS (Myntra)

Look 2: Both dresses bought from a boutique in Ahmedabad

Look 3: Dress- Sisjuly

Look 4: Dress- Amazon

Look5: Top- Myntra


Bodycon and Leather

Hi beauties, it’s been a while since you heard from us but this absence hasn’t been in vain. Praghti and I are actually working on something big and we just can’t wait to reveal it to you but in the meantime let’s talk about bodycon dresses!

As the heat increases, so does our need to wear something less stuffy and warm, which is why today’s post is all about Mini Bodycon Dresses, they’re short, body hugging and airy thus making you feel less like you’re stuck and more like you rock.

Bodycon dresses can be styled in the most versatile ways, you can make a bold statement in a head turning mini body con dress or exude sophistication and grace in a classic midi bodycon dress or like me, you can vamp it up by pairing it with a leather jacket and black heels along with a tribal necklaceto complement the pattern of the dress.

Bodycon dresses are classic and figure flattering but you need to choose your bodycon dress very carefully, if it is not of the right material or size it can become too hard to breathe in them and we don’t want to wear anything uncomfortable.

Tell us what you think about the bodycon dresses and whether you want to own one or not, in the comments section below 💕


Mallika Malhotra

Big basket Wet Wipes

Hello Ladies!!

How are you beautiful women dealing with this hot weather? It is just March and its already so hot!!!  With the summer coming at its full swing, we thought why not do a product review today..

A product that will be very useful for everyone at your house. Today we are reviewing “Big basket wet wipes”.  I have been a regular customer of Big Basket for the past 3 years. Moreover, It becomes very easy for me to order things and manage my house along with my office considering I have long working hours.


Big basket wet wipes are honey comb cotton soft, paraben free and double moisturising. There are numerous way to use wet wipes which makes these an essential for every girl to carry with her all the time. But before I go further, let me share with you the different ways you can use these wet wipes:

  • Refreshing skin
  • Treating sunburn with the coolness
  • Removing make up
  • Wiping off lipstick to apply a fresh layer
  • Cleansing skin
  • Fixing the smudged makeup
  • Post shaving the skin


These wipes come in a good quality pack that has a plastic lead to open and close and inside it has a resealable sticker that keeps the moisture intact even with frequent opening/closing.


To check the effectiveness of these wipes, I swatched my Colorbar Mesmereyes Kajal (non smudgy and doesn’t come off easily), MAC Ruby woo, Sugar smudge me not liquid lipstick and Lime crime red rose (darkest and more than 12 hours staying power lipsticks that I own). Then I waited for two minutes to set all the swatches.


On the first wipe of the tissue the Kajal , MAC lipstick and Sugar lipstick came at once. And a very light stain of Lime Crime was left behind, which came off completely in second wipe. This product did justice to the removal of harsh makeup. And one thing more, it had so much of moisture in it that with the unused portion of it one can wipe off the full face, throat and arms and still the tissue remains wet (I tested and hence, concluded). And I was amazed to see the dirt trapped in it. The white tissue became brown (I just took bath one hour before doing this research).


And now Summarizing the Pros and Cons

Pros of big basket wet wipes:

  • Very mild and gentle
  • Excellent makeup removal product and waterline safe.
  • Has a mild refreshing fragrance.
  • Alcohol-free wipes that remove oil, sweat, and other impurities nicely.
  • Don’t cause any allergy or irritation and are suitable to use even on newborns.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Highly moistened
  • Comes in 3 flavours – citrus, rose and lavender (my favourite is rose)
  • My skin felt amazingly moisturized and smooth (I am talking about the arms, rest you can think what it did with my face)
  • Very reasonably priced, a pack of 80 wipes available for INR 150 and 30 wipes pack for INR 65
  • Easily available
  • Big basket delivers it at home
  • Shelf life – 36 months


P.S…  Big Basket has lucrative offers going on, I bought these wipes in an offer – buy 2 packs for the price of 1, yes I got these amazing high quality 160 wipes for INR 150 only.  You can buy these from here

Cons of these wipes:

Nothing! As it is paraben free, alcohol free, very well moistened, I couldn’t really find anything negative. It did it’s best to do what I wanted it to do.

Final verdict:

If you are looking for an effective product to remove your day to day makeup, this is surely a must have. It has all the goodness of wet wipes and gives a refreshing feeling to your skin plus it completely justifies the price tag. Rest is discretionary to one’s choice and preference.

See until next post

Love Praghti


Happy Women’s Day

Hello Beauties..

Today is meant to celebrate yourself.. I know you celebrate yourself everyday in the form of A MOTHER, WIFE, SISTER, DAUGHTER, DAUGHTER-IN-LAW, A TEACHER, DOCTOR, LAWYER and the list goes on… but pause and think do you ever celebrate yourself as a WOMAN?

Do you ever stop and look at yourself to appreciate and tell yourself “what a beautiful creation of god you are”… If not then do it now.. whatever you are doing stop and look at yourself in mirror.. and say it loud “I am a woman, God’s best creation” you don’t have to be a certain size or color or have certain hair length or breast size to look beautiful.. every woman is beautiful no matter what size she is or what color she is, whether she has long hair or a pixie cut, a blond or a brunette… so pick up your best dress and best foot wear, put your favorite lipstick on and go for a date with yourself.. because unless you consider yourself special the world will not look at you in that special way..

I did get ready and went shopping and I bought a lot of lip crayons and body shop shower gel and lotion and a luck plant… “A girl needs to shop on a special day like Women’s Day..” After all “I am unique and the best and so are you”



Chevron print (Holi Special)


My dear chums, it has been a while since I showed up here but now that I’m back, I come bearing gifts or rather TIPS! Considering that Holi is just around the corner most of us are gearing up with the shopping of colours while some of us are oiling and moisturizing our skin which is just as important on Holi as is buying Gulaal and sometimes even more.

Today I’m going to tell you about my Holi look and all about chevron prints and maxi skirts while also making it part of our Holi special. 1519848864660

A chevron pattern is basically the one on the skirt, it literally means the inverted “v” which forms the pattern. The chevron print stays forever young in the fashion trends, it has been in trend since time immemorial and nothing can beat this print if you are planning to rock the simple chic look.

Not only for wear-ables but the chevron print faced a sudden spike in trends in home decor and aesthetics as well and believe me, chevron print paintings and cushions make the room light up no matter how big or small it is.


I have styled my maxi chevron skirt with a pink tank top, the pink in the skirt matches with the pink of the tank top which is what makes it look all the more pleasing to the eye.

Skirts are the basic element of a female image, they have a certain layer of femininity which adds up to the person who wears it. The variation in fabrics and patterns brings different personas attached with it like sporty, comfortable, sober, romantic, chic, bold and such. This way, maxi skirts give a very chic look and if worn with halter tops it gives a boho chic look.


Considering that the most predominant choice to be worn on Holi is the clichéd white, it is now time to say goodbye to the plain whites on Holi and time to experiment with a few bright colours, After all it is called the festival of colours for a reason and that’s not just limited to playing with them.


Winter has almost come to an end, we see flowers blooming on the trees and as the new wake of spring approaches one must choose chevron skirts as they look fresh and stylish and can be easily combined with any color.1519849093077

As far as Holi is concerned, here are a few points to remember,

  • Please please please oil your hair and moisturize your skin (Vaseline or petroleum jelly is great for this) before you go out or get any colour on yourself, I cannot stress the importance of this enough
  • If you are planning to celebrate it at a club or away from home, do carry an extra piece of clothing
  • Wear comfortable footwear, if possible sport shoes
  • Avoid wearing white, apart from being extremely clichéd, it stains easy and gets transparent quickly
  • Avoid wearing any jewelry or watch, it may get lost or stolen or even dirty
  • Do NOT play Holi with animals, they don’t understand the festival and their fur gets itchy and infected because of the toxins in the colours
  • Party hard!


That’s all from my side, Happy Holi and have a great long weekend.

We would love to hear from you, do tell us your views in the comments section below♥


Create the look:

Tank Top: Nuon collection, Westside

Maxi Skirt: Utsa by Westside

Earrings: Janpath

5 Winter Essentials (continued)… Fur Cape Wraps

Hi Ladies


As far as winter style goes…..here we are with our 5th winter essentials and you can’t really go wrong with fur cape wraps I have a slight obsession with capes – I think its because they give a very classy touch to your outfit. When the weather is cold and I want to look my glamorous best all I do is wear a beautiful fur cape wrap and a classy dress, the glamorous layer of a fur wrap is perfect to stay warm and look chic while doing so!


I purchased this fab cape cover from Asos……and every time I wear it, I get a couple of “where did you get it” questions?   It’s also a cape that is very transitional taking you from Autumn to Winter (with extra layers) and onto Spring.


I’ve teamed it with a red tube gown to add a glamorous touch to my dress and protect myself from the cold


The fur cape wrap can literally be draped over any coat, jacket, dress, gown and completely change up the look! It can also be worn over a beautiful party dress as a glam accessory for a night-out! Definitely a must-have accessory this Winter.

Stay warm and dry, everyone! One more day until the weekend.



Shop My Look:

Fur cape wrap : http://www.asos.com

Dress: http://www.ajio.com

Necklace : bought from my friend Nisha 

Hairband : westside 





5 Winter Essentials (continued)… Bright Sweaters

Hello Ladies


With the love season at its peak…is anybody else sticking it out in some cold weather this week?  We had the most beautiful weather last weekend and I thought for sure that the warm weather would be here to stay…  But nope, we’re freezing again this week and I’m pulling out all my sweaters and layers to keep warm!  I say this winters ditch the boring Greys and blacks and say hello to Bright Colours our 4th winter essentials…


With red definitely being the colour of the season in my eyes and going by the profound choice of my lipstick colour you may have now realised my insatiable love for the colour – Red, we chose to cover this beautiful red sweater. If you are a huge colour lover as I am, you can go for the statement red coat, or if you do not feel comfortable with red may be opt in for a less brighter option like a bright blue sweater or a coat


If neither of those sound like something you would fancy, just a red lip will do fine – mine is “Sugar Matte as hell crayon lipstick – Cherry Darling”.


Enough with my red obsession, I hope you guys are enjoying the love season as much as I am, that “February” is my favourite month and it has always brought me happy moments, even if those are just being able to cosy up under a blanket and put an autumnal movie on. As you see, I certainly am enjoying this time of the year!


Always yours,



Red Sweater: H&M

Blue Sweater: Lifestyle

5 Winter Essentials (continued)… A Black Coat + Florals!

Hello Beauties!

A very Happy New Year to all of you from Shopaholic Adventures!

So, our 3rd essential for winters is a COAT. Coats are a must for winters because though fashion is important, it should not leave you freezing in the cold.


A coat is one such apparel which gives you a huge mileage and also gets you the most glances when you wear it. Also, coats add an oomph-factor to an already lavishing outfit, making u look all the more fashionable. Not only this but coats also turn your lazy kinda day into a ‘intenionally lazy, no- effort’ kinda day


Along with that since this is a new year’s special, we have added the bonus of starting the year with the most coveted trend of 2017, FLORAL PATTERNS! Florals are all about having fun with fashion all the while embracing the joy of the season.

BeautyPlusMe_20171231185904_save   BeautyPlusMe_20171231185318_save

This season’s florals come in soft pastels as well as vibrant hues. The soft pastels make you embrace your inner girl while giving u girlish charm and the vibrant hues give you a bright and bold look.


For New year’s eve, these are the looks we adorned along with a coat so as to not freeze in the cold!

In the first look Mallika has worn a blue floral tube dress for the night and styled it with a flower choker necklace and matching blue bracelets, because it was new year’s eve a long dress seemed to be more suitable than a shorter one. Along with this, a bell sleeve coat looked the best hence, that is what was worn.


For the second look Praghti has worn a one shoulder sleeve floral dress and paired it with a flowery necklace and black stilettos. This look seemed perfect for a new year’s eve especially in the withering winters of Delhi, a black coat to match this outfit was a must!

Do tell us how you liked our new year’s eve look, and whether you are in for the floral trend or not!

Lots of Love and Good luck,

Praghti & Mallika

5 Winter Essentials (continued)… Christmas Special!

Hello Hotties,

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful readers and thank you for continuously showering us with your love, we love each one of you!

So continuing the 5 winter essentials, the next one on our list is a Velvet dress, which is a must have in your winter wardrobe, co-incidentally it is an apt outfit for Christmas parties considering it is all things Christmas-sy and festive.


Velvet dresses have been in vogue since fall 2016 but choker neck dresses have become a major trend this fall, not just choker neck dresses but choker neck tops and sweaters too have gained popularity.



Like most trends, chokers evolved into pretty choker necklines which enhance not just your necklines but also your shoulders, so whether you have broad or narrow shoulders, a dress with such neckline will fit you very snugly and make you look smashing hot!


As far as the fabric is concerned, velvet is a  very rich and luxe fabric, which gives you a very classy look especially if worn in bold colors.


I styled my Christmas look with pointed red stilettos which have a very shiny and sparkly heel, giving it a more festive feel. It completely matches with the red velvet, red floral earrings for the glam and a simple silver bracelet for a little more shine. However you can even pair it with thigh high boots as they are the new favorite of this season. I have not worn much jewelry with this outfit as the velvet and the neckline were more than enough to make me stand out in the crowd, anything more would just look overdone.


The red stilettos give a new edge to the outfit, making it festive ready and classic.


This is, without doubt, a very well matched and appealing trend, tell us how you liked it and whether you are in the trend or out, in the comments section below!

Create the look:

Velvet Dress: Pantaloons (forever glam)

Stilettos: Fashionandyou.com

Silver bracelets: Globus

We will be back for the next 3 winter essentials,

Till then,

Lots of Love and Christmas greetings ♥

-Praghti & Mallika.


A Dramatic Cape Coat



Merry December Ladies!

I know it has been quiet from our end and that’s because I was really caught up between travelling, work, my birthday etc… but we vow to be more regular with your dose of fashion and provide the best fashion updates and trends.. With the winter chill we decided to share 5 essential winter fashion trends with you lovelies.. here we are with our first post from our 5 winter essentials… “A Dramatic Cape Coat


With the winter chill in the air and not only in the evenings, it is important to stay warm yet look trendy and in the quest to stay warm yet trendy I completely surprised myself by ordering a grey frill cape coat for myself and added an air of sophistication I never knew I had. A cape coat is something that is needed in your wardrobe when you want to stay warm but also make an attention-grabbing entrance. I styled my cape coat with my grey ruffle shirt since my cape had a ruffled collar, the look matched with my shirt and gave a majestic feel to my attire. Since I wore for an office outing I preferred to pair it up with black trousers and as I had to walk a lot I chose comfortable shoes to wear but these were not my first choice of shoes, certainly I would have paired it with my black pumps or boots.



Cape coats are an epitome of cloaked glamour (which I absolutely take advantage of and use to sashay through the streets) and is such an easy way to smarten up any outfit be it jeans, trousers, skirt or a dress. It is both very elegant and practical, it is bold and electrifying and completely enhances a look. When wearing a cape the perfect combination is pairing a dramatic cape with an evening dress or a well fitted trousers. Imagine an outfit with a long coat, instead of a cape – it has a completely different feel to it because a cape is unique while a coat is common. Here are a few tips to wear your cape coat with elegance if not worn correct way, you have the potential of looking like a superhero or a yeti.


How To Style A Cape Coat

  • When wearing a cape make sure the outfit underneath forms fitting.Wearing something loose or baggy underneath will completely take away all of your flair. You can’t wear a large loose cape over large loose clothes; you will completely lose your figure.
  • Keep it simple as capes already add glamour to your outfit
  • Since a cape is a classic, it’s best pearing it with other items, like a classic hand bag, high boots or pumps, stripe shirts, the list goes on.
  • Wearing a cape coat over a long sleeved outfit is always a great idea.


Superheroes wear capes. Henceforth capes are for super girls, of which I know you all are!

Have a great start to your week hotties! These are some of my few tips on how to style your cape coats or jackets. I would love to hear your thoughts on this style, and if indeed you are ‘team cape coat’ too!

Love Praghti


Create the look

Cape Coat: http://www.stalkbuylove.com

Ruffle Shirt: www.stalkbuylove.com

Trousers: FCUK

Lipstick: Lime Crime – Red Velvet