Happy Women’s Day

Hello Beauties..

Today is meant to celebrate yourself.. I know you celebrate yourself everyday in the form of A MOTHER, WIFE, SISTER, DAUGHTER, DAUGHTER-IN-LAW, A TEACHER, DOCTOR, LAWYER and the list goes on… but pause and think do you ever celebrate yourself as a WOMAN?

Do you ever stop and look at yourself to appreciate and tell yourself “what a beautiful creation of god you are”… If not then do it now.. whatever you are doing stop and look at yourself in mirror.. and say it loud “I am a woman, God’s best creation” you don’t have to be a certain size or color or have certain hair length or breast size to look beautiful.. every woman is beautiful no matter what size she is or what color she is, whether she has long hair or a pixie cut, a blond or a brunette… so pick up your best dress and best foot wear, put your favorite lipstick on and go for a date with yourself.. because unless you consider yourself special the world will not look at you in that special way..

I did get ready and went shopping and I bought a lot of lip crayons and body shop shower gel and lotion and a luck plant… “A girl needs to shop on a special day like Women’s Day..” After all “I am unique and the best and so are you”




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