Chevron print (Holi Special)


My dear chums, it has been a while since I showed up here but now that I’m back, I come bearing gifts or rather TIPS! Considering that Holi is just around the corner most of us are gearing up with the shopping of colours while some of us are oiling and moisturizing our skin which is just as important on Holi as is buying Gulaal and sometimes even more.

Today I’m going to tell you about my Holi look and all about chevron prints and maxi skirts while also making it part of our Holi special. 1519848864660

A chevron pattern is basically the one on the skirt, it literally means the inverted “v” which forms the pattern. The chevron print stays forever young in the fashion trends, it has been in trend since time immemorial and nothing can beat this print if you are planning to rock the simple chic look.

Not only for wear-ables but the chevron print faced a sudden spike in trends in home decor and aesthetics as well and believe me, chevron print paintings and cushions make the room light up no matter how big or small it is.


I have styled my maxi chevron skirt with a pink tank top, the pink in the skirt matches with the pink of the tank top which is what makes it look all the more pleasing to the eye.

Skirts are the basic element of a female image, they have a certain layer of femininity which adds up to the person who wears it. The variation in fabrics and patterns brings different personas attached with it like sporty, comfortable, sober, romantic, chic, bold and such. This way, maxi skirts give a very chic look and if worn with halter tops it gives a boho chic look.


Considering that the most predominant choice to be worn on Holi is the clichéd white, it is now time to say goodbye to the plain whites on Holi and time to experiment with a few bright colours, After all it is called the festival of colours for a reason and that’s not just limited to playing with them.


Winter has almost come to an end, we see flowers blooming on the trees and as the new wake of spring approaches one must choose chevron skirts as they look fresh and stylish and can be easily combined with any color.1519849093077

As far as Holi is concerned, here are a few points to remember,

  • Please please please oil your hair and moisturize your skin (Vaseline or petroleum jelly is great for this) before you go out or get any colour on yourself, I cannot stress the importance of this enough
  • If you are planning to celebrate it at a club or away from home, do carry an extra piece of clothing
  • Wear comfortable footwear, if possible sport shoes
  • Avoid wearing white, apart from being extremely clichéd, it stains easy and gets transparent quickly
  • Avoid wearing any jewelry or watch, it may get lost or stolen or even dirty
  • Do NOT play Holi with animals, they don’t understand the festival and their fur gets itchy and infected because of the toxins in the colours
  • Party hard!


That’s all from my side, Happy Holi and have a great long weekend.

We would love to hear from you, do tell us your views in the comments section below♥


Create the look:

Tank Top: Nuon collection, Westside

Maxi Skirt: Utsa by Westside

Earrings: Janpath


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