5 Winter Essentials (continued)… Fur Cape Wraps

Hi Ladies


As far as winter style goes…..here we are with our 5th winter essentials and you can’t really go wrong with fur cape wraps I have a slight obsession with capes – I think its because they give a very classy touch to your outfit. When the weather is cold and I want to look my glamorous best all I do is wear a beautiful fur cape wrap and a classy dress, the glamorous layer of a fur wrap is perfect to stay warm and look chic while doing so!


I purchased this fab cape cover from Asos……and every time I wear it, I get a couple of “where did you get it” questions?   It’s also a cape that is very transitional taking you from Autumn to Winter (with extra layers) and onto Spring.


I’ve teamed it with a red tube gown to add a glamorous touch to my dress and protect myself from the cold


The fur cape wrap can literally be draped over any coat, jacket, dress, gown and completely change up the look! It can also be worn over a beautiful party dress as a glam accessory for a night-out! Definitely a must-have accessory this Winter.

Stay warm and dry, everyone! One more day until the weekend.



Shop My Look:

Fur cape wrap : http://www.asos.com

Dress: http://www.ajio.com

Necklace : bought from my friend Nisha 

Hairband : westside 






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