5 Winter Essentials (continued)… Christmas Special!

Hello Hotties,

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful readers and thank you for continuously showering us with your love, we love each one of you!

So continuing the 5 winter essentials, the next one on our list is a Velvet dress, which is a must have in your winter wardrobe, co-incidentally it is an apt outfit for Christmas parties considering it is all things Christmas-sy and festive.


Velvet dresses have been in vogue since fall 2016 but choker neck dresses have become a major trend this fall, not just choker neck dresses but choker neck tops and sweaters too have gained popularity.



Like most trends, chokers evolved into pretty choker necklines which enhance not just your necklines but also your shoulders, so whether you have broad or narrow shoulders, a dress with such neckline will fit you very snugly and make you look smashing hot!


As far as the fabric is concerned, velvet is a  very rich and luxe fabric, which gives you a very classy look especially if worn in bold colors.


I styled my Christmas look with pointed red stilettos which have a very shiny and sparkly heel, giving it a more festive feel. It completely matches with the red velvet, red floral earrings for the glam and a simple silver bracelet for a little more shine. However you can even pair it with thigh high boots as they are the new favorite of this season. I have not worn much jewelry with this outfit as the velvet and the neckline were more than enough to make me stand out in the crowd, anything more would just look overdone.


The red stilettos give a new edge to the outfit, making it festive ready and classic.


This is, without doubt, a very well matched and appealing trend, tell us how you liked it and whether you are in the trend or out, in the comments section below!

Create the look:

Velvet Dress: Pantaloons (forever glam)

Stilettos: Fashionandyou.com

Silver bracelets: Globus

We will be back for the next 3 winter essentials,

Till then,

Lots of Love and Christmas greetings ♥

-Praghti & Mallika.



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