A Dramatic Cape Coat



Merry December Ladies!

I know it has been quiet from our end and that’s because I was really caught up between travelling, work, my birthday etc… but we vow to be more regular with your dose of fashion and provide the best fashion updates and trends.. With the winter chill we decided to share 5 essential winter fashion trends with you lovelies.. here we are with our first post from our 5 winter essentials… “A Dramatic Cape Coat


With the winter chill in the air and not only in the evenings, it is important to stay warm yet look trendy and in the quest to stay warm yet trendy I completely surprised myself by ordering a grey frill cape coat for myself and added an air of sophistication I never knew I had. A cape coat is something that is needed in your wardrobe when you want to stay warm but also make an attention-grabbing entrance. I styled my cape coat with my grey ruffle shirt since my cape had a ruffled collar, the look matched with my shirt and gave a majestic feel to my attire. Since I wore for an office outing I preferred to pair it up with black trousers and as I had to walk a lot I chose comfortable shoes to wear but these were not my first choice of shoes, certainly I would have paired it with my black pumps or boots.



Cape coats are an epitome of cloaked glamour (which I absolutely take advantage of and use to sashay through the streets) and is such an easy way to smarten up any outfit be it jeans, trousers, skirt or a dress. It is both very elegant and practical, it is bold and electrifying and completely enhances a look. When wearing a cape the perfect combination is pairing a dramatic cape with an evening dress or a well fitted trousers. Imagine an outfit with a long coat, instead of a cape – it has a completely different feel to it because a cape is unique while a coat is common. Here are a few tips to wear your cape coat with elegance if not worn correct way, you have the potential of looking like a superhero or a yeti.


How To Style A Cape Coat

  • When wearing a cape make sure the outfit underneath forms fitting.Wearing something loose or baggy underneath will completely take away all of your flair. You can’t wear a large loose cape over large loose clothes; you will completely lose your figure.
  • Keep it simple as capes already add glamour to your outfit
  • Since a cape is a classic, it’s best pearing it with other items, like a classic hand bag, high boots or pumps, stripe shirts, the list goes on.
  • Wearing a cape coat over a long sleeved outfit is always a great idea.


Superheroes wear capes. Henceforth capes are for super girls, of which I know you all are!

Have a great start to your week hotties! These are some of my few tips on how to style your cape coats or jackets. I would love to hear your thoughts on this style, and if indeed you are ‘team cape coat’ too!

Love Praghti


Create the look

Cape Coat: http://www.stalkbuylove.com

Ruffle Shirt: www.stalkbuylove.com

Trousers: FCUK

Lipstick: Lime Crime – Red Velvet




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