World Lipstick Day

Hi Pretties…

Today is “World Lipstick day”, and everyone knows- lipstick is my staple for make up and a good lipstick like ruby woo or NYX Monte Carlo can make my day. I have always noticed women wearing lipstick come across as strong, successful, happy and confident…


I wear lipstick on good days, and on bad ones. Lipstick gives me the confidence that I need to conquer anything. I wear it on days when I am at home, or I know that I need to accomplish a particularly tough task.

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I know a lot of you may think its just lipstick but trust me with lipstick on, anything seems possible and that’s why I feel today is the perfect day to write 11 Reasons Why Lipstick Can Turn Your Whole Day Around:


  1. You know you’re going to look amazing when you have on your signature lip color, which means you’ll feel great all day long.
  2. Variety: Have you ever looked at a lipstick range and felt bewildered at the sheer number of colors? Talking of sheer, you can buy glossy colors, moisturizing lipsticks, matte lipsticks … the possibilities are endless..
  3. Compliments: People compliment women who wear lipstick. They just do. And who doesn’t like compliments..
  4. Confidence: Your confidence will be through the roof when you’re wearing a lip color that makes you feel special and beautiful..
  5. Effective: Lipstick is really effective in how it makes you feel and look. If you have a date or an interview, a subtle application of colour can really make a difference to your image…Be careful not to overdo it, the aim is to polish your look, not look like a clown..
  6. Cheerful: One of the best reasons to wear lipstick is that it´s so cheerful. Just a simple application changes your look completely. It not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good. So if you need cheering up, grab that lipstick tube and brighten up your face. You´ll feel so much better.
  7. There is a color for every mood and every occasion.. If you’re a lipstick hoarder, you’ve got a certain color that goes for every occasion. Bright orange during the day works just as well as deep red at night. Switching up the color can completely change your frame of mind.
  8. For ladies who don’t wear lipstick on a regular basis, putting on a flattering shade of red one day will make you feel like a celebrity, because everyone around you will ask why you look so particularly great.
  9. Even if you have on no other makeup, you’ll look put together, and in turn feel put together. Lipstick can make the most amazing difference to your face and look. The effect can be quite dramatic.
  10. Boosts Your Mood: Wearing lipstick is an amazing mood enhancer. If I´m feeling a little glum, I apply one of my favorite red shades (a stronger one for evening, and a softer shade for daytime). My lovely red lippy never fails to cheer me up! Even if I´m not going anywhere, the mere fact of wearing it makes me feel good.
  11. Stunning: wearing lipstick can make any woman look stunning. once you find the perfect shade, you´ll love it forever for the way it brightens your face and makes you look amazing…



And today is the perfect day to buy a new shade and add to your collection.. I bought “Sugar Matte as hell crayon lipstick – Cherry Darling.. and I am loving it..


Do share your favorite lipstick shade with us and keep reading..

Good night

Loads of Love

Praghti Malhotra


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